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Funny Games

Sometimes casino games may annoy – you bet your money, lose the bet, lose your money and again you make bet and lose it and during the whole night you cannot win at least one bet. You become angry, as even when you follow the principles of wise money management, you hope to win something. And then you decide to play some other games, those, which require no bets – when you lose game you just lose game, nothing more. You do not spend money and have fun. That is a good alternative for permanent betting and wagering. Besides, you can play such games with people, who do not like gambling games. These funny games, which in most cases require no strategy and have simple rules, can be played by anyone, even children who just start to play card games. You will not need much time to master knowledge of these games, like playing poker or blackjack and you will not need some expensive equipment like choosing roulette or slots for home gambling.

There exist different types of funny table games – most of them are played with cards, as it is easy to get this equipment. There are also some more games, which use dices and dominoes in the game. Our top three of funny games, which we recommend to play you, are played with cards: War Card Game, Thirty-One Game, Battlegrounds. To learn games details and rules, pay attention to the following pages:

  • War Card Game
  • Thirty-One Game
  • Battlegrounds
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