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Like in online slots or blackjack, first thing you should read is general description of the game. If you feel, that this game is interesting for you, you may start to read its rules. Do not forget to make sure, that meaning of all terms is clear for you. The next step is to read tips and recommendations. All of them you will need during your playing. In fact, tips are very useful as they are usually given by professional players, who spent a lot of time learning and analyzing the game. The ultimate thing you have to learn is strategies to play. Strategies are usually aimed at improving your chances to win. Some of the strategies may be used in different games, for example money management strategy may be used in online roulette, online craps and of course, bingo. The thing is that this strategy is based on the principle of wise making bets and spending money. If you are not sure, that you can control you money, use one of the money management methods. Of course, bingo game has some own strategies, which you may use to improve your chances.

Playing bingo for some time you will be able to make these strategies work for your benefit, and moreover, you will be able to make up your own strategy of playing. The more experience you have, the better you understand the game, and the more conclusions you can make.

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Cover All Bingo Game Variations

"Cover All" bingo is a game where the player has to cover all the numbers on his ticket. This game takes more time than the regular bingo, but it also allows to hit big jackpot if all the numbers are covered. In Cover All bingo the multi-ticket play is not encouraged. This bingo variation probably has the highest money prize ever! You can also look for this rare bingo variation at online casinos for free and real money.

Speed Bingo Game Variations

Speed Bingo is really a very fast game with smaller numbers of bingo balls than in regular games. The player also has a small ticket with only 30 numbers on it. It's usually played to accompany other difficult games, as bonus games/rounds or as a fast fun game during different events to entertain the guests and raffle small prizes. Speed bingo may also use words, shapes or pictures instead of numbers.

Rank Bingo Hall 75 Balls 90 Balls Bonus Play bingo
1. Club World Casinos $777 Play Bingo
2. Bingo Hall 400% Play Bingo
3. Lucky Red $1000 Play Bingo
4. Bingo Palace 300% Play Bingo
5. 888 Bingo Casino $140 Play Bingo

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