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Thirty-One Game

Thirty-one game is considered to be the matching card game performed by 2-9 players. Also you may find the next variants of the game name: Blitz, Cadillac, Ride the Bus, Big Tonka, Klinker and etc.

This game presents a simple draw/discard gameplay which is understandable for all kinds of players. The object of the Thirty-One game is to get 31 points total with single suit cards or come nearer to this mark than the other players.

You must be aware and do not confuse this game with German national activity - Skat, and two other games with the name Thirty-One: one of the German origin as well and the second is similar to blackjack online variation.

So now let's consider the right variant of the game in details.

31 Game Basics

  • The game is performed with a standard 52-card deck;
  • 2-9 players (or even more) can play the game (3 players is the best variant);
  • The cards possess the next values: A's = 11 pts., face cards = 10 pts., other cards = pip value;
  • Only the cards of the same suit may form the total value;
  • The deal usually rotates clockwise;
  • The cards are dealt one at a time - 3 for each player;
  • The next card after the deal is placed face-up and thus the discard pile is introduced;
  • The remaining cards form the face-down community stock.
  • 31 Gameplay

    The regular player turn is performed in the following way:

  • The player draws the card from the face-down community stock / from the face-up discarding pile;
  • Then the player discards one of his cards (it also may be the card which was just taken in accordance with the previous rule).
  • If the player decides that he/she possesses enough points total and doesn't require additional draw-discard actions - then he/she just knocking the table. The round then proceeds and other players may continue their actions, but when it's time to act for a knocker again - all the players must reveal their cards:

  • The player who has the lowest hand total value - loses the life;
  • The knocker loses two lives if his hand doesn't play and other players have higher totals;
  • The knocker has a privileged status when the tie situations occur.
  • When the player gets 31 points he/she immediately shows the cards and the win is announced.

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