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Bingo HighRoller

A bingo high roller refers to a high stakes player who is willing to risk a large amount of money in the game with the hope that they will win a huge prize as well. More often than not, a bingo high roller is usually a highly experienced player with a gambling aptitude. A much simpler definition of a bingo high roller is a player who bets a large amount of money in the game. But what defines a large amount of money actually varies from one bingo site to another.

Technically, high roller bingo sites are much more or less the same as the regular bingo sites with only an exception of being more expensive. This is because their jackpots and prizes are generally more lucrative and much bigger thus attracting only the rich clientele of players. Internet bingo players usually play the high roller games anytime they want to win bigger prizes and will thus play for higher stakes. Bingo cards for playing regular games can cost an amount ranging between some few cents and $1. However, in high roller bingo games, the same cards tend to cost much more and can go for $5 per card and even more at times.

Actually, players have control of choosing the denomination of the games they need to play. For players with limited funds for playing, they are advised to stick to the regular bingo games that do not attract high stakes. In such games, your funds tend to go further thus allowing you to play even more bingo with your money. But for players eying the ‘big kahuna’ in the game and can afford such games, playing high roller games is highly advised. However, it is important that you keep in mind the fact that simply because you are gambling more per game or card doesn’t always guarantee you a win always.

Just like their brick and mortar brothers, online bingo halls will do anything it takes to lure more large spending players into their gambling halls. Most bingo sites however separate players into different tiers based on the amount of stake they play as well as their favorite games. The site will use a criterion of determining high stake players such as deposit amounts, deposit frequency, comps and amounts lost and others. A bingo high roller stands to benefit a lot especially when it comes to winning big cash prizes.

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