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Pai Gow Game

Even the name of Pai Gow game gives clear evidence of the fact that it has been initially invented neither in Europe, nor within the US territory, but has rather appeared in one of Asian countries. In fact, it were the Chinese to invent Pai Gow game, though it didn't, actually, resemble the modern world-known version to a large extent.

Pai Gow vs. Poker

Contemporary Pai Gow game, belonging to the most famous new casino games, turns out to be a modified variant of its Chinese forerunner, which is played with cards, and is frequently named one of Poker alternations, though the major rules and guidelines have been changed drastically.

Generally speaking, although Pai Gow game is commonly considered to be a game of chance, it also requires certain skills from the side of players, as its objective presupposes one's best distribution of dealt cards between two hands, one of which is recognized to comprise 5 cards, and another one - 2 of them. What is important here, is that the 5-card hand should be better, than a 2-card set.

Variations' Features

Much due to Pai Gow's being equally favourable by live and online casino gamblers, there have been lately developed a lot of the game's variations, like Pai Gow Mafia, for instance, in which 2 side-bets are allowed to be put on each player's hand, unlike the original variant, where only 1 side-bet can be put.

Strategies and Techniques

As for the possible casino strategies, which might turn advantageous for Pai Gow game admirers, the typical ones remain the same, as these presuppose the reasonable approach to betting. At the same time, there may be also distinguished a number of particular methods, concerning the best ways of card distribution, which should be perused by everyone, who wishes to succeed.

Online and Live Versions - Which is Better?

In this respect, online Pai Gow game appears to have more benefits for beginners, much because the majority of gambling sites provide free-play bonuses to their clients, so that each person can acquire enough practice without losing money.

All things considered, Pai Gow game is certainly a wonderful option for those, who have become bored with traditional gambling options and are craving for something new and exciting to try. Moreover, it might also be a good way to increase one's profits, if the game's strategies are fully grasped in advance.

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