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Bingo Superstititions

Bingo players know too well that for one to win in this game, you will need to have all luck on your side. Even if you sit at the tables all day long, without luck, you can’t really make it as this game requires no skills. This has led to emergence of some bingo superstitions that most bingo players tend to belief irrationally. Whether it is due to fear of the game or ignorance, every player seems to have some bingo superstitions they believe in. To start with, there are those who seem to think that they can’t win unless they carry some lucky charms in to the bingo hall.

Past statistics have shown that about 75 percent of bingo players carry some good luck charms even though some won’t admit it. Some say that they get to win easily if they play the game wearing special jewelry or some lucky socks. This is the reason why you will sometimes find the bingo table full of clutter as players thinks that the charms can only be useful to them if they display them prominently. So, don’t be surprised to see some gemstones, troll dolls, rabbit’s feet, key chains or small beanbag animals on the table.

The other bingo superstition has to do with the so called lucky seats. If it is your first time to go to a certain bingo hall, you should be warned on the seat you choose to seat as you might be tapped on your should as an agitated player tries to chase you away from their site. Some players will tell you that they have sat on the seat every Friday night for the last five years and you really can’t argue with him or her as a newbie. Another one is the lucky bucks whereby some players place their lucky coins carefully in a unique pattern on top of the cards. Some players will never leave money on the bingo table for fear that it will be cursed and bring them bad luck.

Also, your lucky bingo number could be a curse to another player. While a player will thank his lucky stars for getting a bingo card showing G-47, another player will consider trading in the card for a better one which he thinks will bring a win. Whichever bingo superstitions you might believe in, the truth of the matter is that bingo is a game of luck and it is all you need to win in this game.

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