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Since 1996, the software provider has launched more than 100 casinos, each of them encompassing a wide range of slot games. The company proposes either a flash game mode or a downloadable option, much more ideal for people with sluggish Internet connections. Flash games on the other hand avoid endless downloading times and pamper their customers with interminable slot themes. With all these themes on the loose, you'd say that finding a proper game is almost impossible, think again! Cryptologic is one of the few providers, who succeeded in categorizing the games according to basic characteristics. With all these subdivisions, finding the game, which is closest to you, is as easy as pie.

An extensive review

Classic Slots, Casual Slots, Fruit Machines, Fright mare Slots and Marvel Slots are the 5 biggest pillars that hold this gigantic piece of puzzle on its foot. The Marvel Slots mark their most fruitful collaboration, with nobody else but the king of the Comic Business. Besides the fame brought by the presence of the Marvel Comics, outstanding sounds and graphics assure a lifelong success and amazing revenue for this online casino provider.

Let's have a look on some of their best games!

  • The Casual Slots have deep roots that can be traced back to games such as Jenga, Cubis and Sudoku. Depending on the basic theme, the reels can feature either towers or planes positioned at different angles as compared to each other.
  • The theme of the Classic Slots games is inspired from versatile backgrounds, hence one can find
  • reeled Safe Cracker Slots, Galactic Odyssey Slots, Sphinx Hijinx Slots, Storm the Castle Slots and many more.
  • Classic video Slot Games became further classified into Silver Star Slots, Kanga Cash Slots, La Fiesta Slots, Caesars Salad Slots, Native Treasure Slots and Dick Danger & Fat Cat Slots.
  • Fright mare Slots became popular due to their specific theme: horror! These 5 reel slots feature possibly the 3 best progressive jackpots: Zone of The Zombies, Witches & Warlocks and Vampire Bats!
  • Fruit Machine Slots provide yet another dosage of vintage entertainment. I am sure you are all familiar with fruit themed slots from pubs! One fine example would be Fruit Fight $1.
  • Rapid Fire Slots are known for encompassing 9 pay lines on 5 different reels. Sirens, Salsa, Mr. Rich, and Dolphin King are probably the most beloved of all!
  • Last but not least, the Marvel Slots! The name speaks for itself!
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