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Bingo Rules Introduction

Probably, you already know that bingo rules are easier than rules according to which you may play roulette or some other casino game. The matter is that in bingo there are almost no tricky points that can be used by players to get advantage over other players. Bingo is a game with straight rules and game play. Somehow this game can be connected to  slot games as slots also are very easy to play, though there are some details that can influence game result (unlike bingo where there are nothing that can help you). And of course, rules of bingo are no so complicated as online blackjack   rules.

Game Basics

All the bingo games start alike, when the caller picks out numbers randomly and calls them out. The numbers in Bingo are in the range from 1 to 75 (in some game variations to 90). The players according to the rules of bingo are to mark the called number on their tickets. In the online bingo, the numbers are marked automatically, though you can also chose option when you should mark the numbers by yourself.

Bingo ticket is a card with 5 rows and 5 columns with randomly selected 24 numbers. The center of the square is a free wild space, which is daubed before the game starts. The columns are named with the letters B (contains numbers between 1 and 15), I (16-30), N (31-45), G (46-60), O (61 - 75). The winner is the first player to complete the winning pattern. The pattern is chosen before the game starts and is a picture of marked numbers on the bingo card.

Online Bingo Peculiarities

In the rules of bingo played online there are some specific points. The cards are randomly selected by the computer, allowing you to choose the number of cards you wish to purchase. The pattern is displayed on the screen all the time during the game. According to the rules of bingo online, online players are allowed to use the auto-daub feature that automatically marks the called numbers and players may enjoy online Bingo chat and instant games.

The game goes on till one or more players complete the pattern. According to the rules of bingo, in case there is more than one winner, the pot is split between them.

As you see bingo is really easy game to play and anyone can play it paying no efforts. Keep in mind some of above mentioned game rules, and you never have problems with understanding of bingo.

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