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Founded in 2000, Playtech managed to set the standards within the gaming industry and if this was still not enough, it also succeeded in bringing revolutionary decisions within the area of gaming systems. These achievements are still within the area of modesty, if we are to highlight their involvement into gaming development and manufacturing. Kiosk type games, bingo and poker received a lot of new features courtesy of Playtech and this is not all!

Other Achievements

2005 represents another major landmark for the company. It was this year, when they appeared for the first time in history on the London Stock Exchange Board. The presence of the IPO was intended to raise funds for the company itself and last but not least to enable buying other small companies. All these achievements led to an increased rate of credibility, which in turn transformed Playtech into one of the biggest companies within the gaming industry.

A Minor Setback

Little did they know that the UIGEA will bring their constant development to a momentary halt. It all began with the Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act (2006) that stipulated the restrictive participation of United States residents. In order to stay afloat, Playtech recognized these stipulations alongside with other giants from the gaming industry.

Despite not accepting US players on its online platforms, Playtech keeps on conquering new land. If we are to characterize Playtech, then we can compare it with a curious child, who keeps on sticking his nose into someone else's business. Playtech's management has no bad intentions whatsoever; it is just that signing such a stipulation (2006) forces everyone from this genre to discover new, unchartered territory.

Last But Not Least

Experts said that UIGEA will bring a series of insurmountable restrictions, but little did they know that this act was to be the one, to trigger unprecedented developments in this sector. In current times, Playtech is known for encompassing everything, ranging from online poker to kiosk type establishments. All things considered, it can be said that restrictions are prone to finding revolutionary methods and this is exactly what Playtech did!

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