RNG - Random Number Generator

RNG or random number generator is known to be the heart of the slot machine, its brain, core, etc. RNG is known to be the special program that is designed to control the slot machine payout. In general, many people realize that the slot machines are controlled by some particular computer chip; however, not all of them actually realize the RNG functioning principles.
In fact, understanding of RNG way of working is essential for the bankroll management and organization of the gambling process of the gamers as the whole.

The Way it Works

If the player manages to hit the slots spin on the machine, the RNG is likely to choose the random number that serves to determine the actual outcome of the spin either winning or losing. The matter is that each of possible slots symbols combinations on the reels is correspondent to the particular number.
The chip of the RNG produces random numbers; the slots computer must compare the generated number against the combinations on the slots reels. After that the slots machine shows the appropriate slots symbol combination and repay the coins or slots credits in the case the combination turns out to be winning.

A Bit of History

The first RNG appeared in the 1970s. However, random number generator did not change the slots gambling history till the 1980s. At that time RNGs offered a lot of feature that demanded the specific electronic support that was not available with the ordinary mechanical slots. The most significant feature is that without the help of random number generators, the gamers would not enjoy the progressive slots gambling and progressive jackpots.

RNG Secrets

Random number generator can produce nearly hundreds and more hundreds of various random numbers in a second. It is sure to use the number that is the most recent after the spin button is pushed by the gamer. For example, if the button is pushed a moment earlier, the player would have got quite a different symbol combination, etc. Thus, in theory, for instance, if 1 000 slots spins are played, they will be seen by the gamer only once, each of them. It is almost unbelievable, however, it is really so. It is impossible to predict the outcome of each slots spin, indeed. Thus, RNG complicates the implementation of various slot machine cheats, as well as any other way to beat the game of pure chance.

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