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War Card Game

War card game is considered to be the accumulating card game which usually involves 2 players. The game uses the standard 52-card deck and obtains very simple rules.

The War possesses the next rules:

  • The whole deck is divided among the players equally;
  • The players form a face down accurate stack and place it before them;
  • The player who's turn is reveals the top card of his stack (a pile which is also called battle) and then the next player acts in the same manner in response;
  • The player who's card rank is higher gets the both cards and place them underneath the battle face down;
  • In the case of two equal cards are placed by participants - the tie is announced and thus the players put extra 3 face-down cards + 1 card face up each (a war). The last face-up cards are matched and the higher one wins - and thus the player takes in all the cards present on the table;
  • In the event that after the war actions follows another tie - the war procedure (described above) repeated once more;
  • The player who collects all the deck by his side wins the whole game;
  • War Card Game Statistics

    Now we offer you to consider the following chart which is rather amusing. It deals with the 1 million War games which were run via computer program. The artificial intelligence presented the following curious results:

    B = Battle W = War

    War Card Game Variation

    War card game is considered to be a very popular activity and thus it possesses a great number of game variations available for a player.

    We may enumerate the most famous ones:

  • Multiplayer War;
  • Automatic War;
  • Threes Beat Faces;
  • Slap War;
  • Underdog;
  • Casino War which belongs to the casino games as well;
  • Peace;
  • Quatro etc.
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